Archives of Clinical Infectious Diseases : 2008, Volume 3, Issue 1, Jan Abstracts XML

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Immigration: a Potential Risk Factor for Intrafamilial Transmission of HIV Infection   Research Article
Prevalence and Risk Factors of the Hepatitis G (HGV) Infection in Hemodialysis Patients   Research Article
Ventilator Associated Pneumonia: Microbiology and Identification of Antimicrobial Resistance Pattern by Disk Diffusion and E.Test Methods   Research Article
Study of Human Papilloma Virus in Anogenital Condylomas by PCR Method   Research Article
Prevalence of Variant Bacteria in Oropharyngeal Colonization of Iranian Children   Research Article
Prevalence of Anergy Among Hospitalized Drug Users in Southern Tehran   Research Article
Epidemiology of Shigellosis with Special Reference to Hospital Distribution of Shigella Strains in Tehran   Brief Report
Disseminated Tuberculosis Presenting as Hypersplenism   Case Report
Unilateral Abducens Nerve Palsy Secondary to Isolated Fungal Sphenoidal Sinusitis   Case Report
Management and Treatment of Hepatitis C: A Review   Review Article
Circumcision: Lower Rates of HPV in Men   Editorial