Archives of Clinical Infectious Diseases : 2007, Volume 2, Issue 1, Jan Abstracts XML

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Congenital Brucellosis in an Infant   Case Report
Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Before and After Renal Transplantation; a Case Report   Case Report
Urinary Antigen Test EIA: A Valuable Rapid Clinical Method for the Ddiagnosis of Legionella   Research Article
Analysis of the Bacterial Infections in Burn Patients at Taleghani Burn Hospital in Ahvaz, Khuzestan Province   Research Article
Surveying Common Bacterial Contamination in Bottled Mineral Water in Iran   Research Article
Vaginal azoles Versus oral Fluconazole in Treatment of Recurrent Vulvovaginal Candidiasis   Research Article
Hepatitis C virus Infection in Dialysis Centers of Tabriz, Iran: a Multicenter Study   Research Article
An Ulcerated Plaque on the Hand of a Young Man   Case Report
Hepatitis B Virus Infection in Iran   Review Article
The Emergence and Impact of Extensively Drug Resistant Tuberculosis   Editorial